What is an Impulse Response?

The short answer is: Any guitar signal in the digital world is an "impulse".  These are "responses" created to achieve the sound that your are using a specific signal chain starting with Cabinet, Speaker, Microphone, Preamp and Room.  

If you're using recording software, no doubt you're familiar with the challenges to getting a good guitar sound.  Our premium Impulse Responses created with the best gear around in the best sounding rooms around will allow you make your recordings sound significantly better and more professional.  

The impulse response accurately reflects the entire signal chain and there's no room for skimping due to the degradation that happens in the digital world.  The Impulse Guys are recording in the best of all possible environments with the best of all possible gear; but that's not all.  With our IR's you're getting the engineering expertise of the most sought after engineer in the business for guitar sounds, Tom Syrowski.  Tom has been the engineer on dozens and dozens of the biggest guitar records in the last decade.  His experience and expertise and second to none.  

If you're interested in making your existing or new recordings sound better, this is an easy and affordable way to ameliorate your sound instantly.  

As you create digital guitar impulses in your recording software, our responses will give your tracks a top-notch professional sound!